Once a demand is received, an engineer is assigned from the same vertical to look after the demand. We allocate an engineer so that we can technically better understand the requirements of the project site. This empowers us to select better quality candidates. Necessary documents such as POA, EA and Demand order will be requested at this stage. Our engineer will then present a project plan to the client to ensure timely recruitment.


Through our database, network, brand image and advertising, we accumulate candidates for our clients. We have on board 25 full time engineers who are responsible for conducting a 30-45 minute trade test for tradesman. Engineers are shortlisted after an extensive interview. Only the candidates who pass our strict testing procedures are invited for client interviews. Our goal is to only present candidates who match the client's job requirements. This process generally takes about two weeks. During this period the client is informed of the recruitment location.


Once the short listing is complete the client is invited to visit our trade testing centers for the selection. Only short-listed candidates are presented to ensure high selection rate. Though ALMS well equipped with all necessary tools required for tests and interviews, we request client s to inform us in advance if any unique tool or equipment such as crane etc. may be required for the test. This is because we want our client to conduct accurate tests so that only those candidates who will add value to the project are selected.


Post the client selection, the documentation process starts. Al Sartaj Management Services does all documentation work in house. Al Sartaj Management Services maintains excellent relationships in all embassies and is therefore able to get documents attested/stamped in a timely manner. Our relationship of 10 years with most embassies stands us in a good state. :

  • Knowledge: Candidates are given knowledge about the country where they are being mobilized. They are familiarized with local labor laws, camp rules and guidelines as well as Gulf work culture.
  • Productivity: All candidates must be well aware of tool & equipment being used in the Middle East and are taught to work more efficiently and effectively. All candidates are expected to achieve certain productivity levels.
  • Attitude and Aptitude: Over the course of 10-15 days, our staff also keeps an eye on the attitude and aptitude of candidate. It's important for each candidate to have certain qualities that ensure his success on the project site besides their work skill.
  • Safety: Safety is a big area of focus. A large amount of time is invested in Safety training. WE first start by explaining the importance of safety and follow it up with demonstrations on how to keep safe on the site.

After 12 days of successful skill up-gradation training we dispatch candidates to the project site.