Domestic Staffing

With the constant changing norms and ups and downs in the business realm, organizations have had to face frequent cost cutting challenges. Owing to the unstable market conditions, organizations are looking for flexibility in their manpower plan, now more than ever. The concept of general staffing has become a leading HR trend worldwide and has evolved rapidly to address various client requirements. These range from temporary staffing solutions to managing the entire HR processes for this temporary workforce.

What do we have to offer?

Al Sartaj Management Services provides temporary staffing solutions across a range of skill sets for a variety of industry sectors anywhere in India. The entire HR process right from recruitment and selection, on-boarding, pay rolling, compliance and training to creating management reports is handled by us. We have the technology and trained personnel who can offer strong risk management processes. This includesInhouse Services when our team operates out of the customers' office, works closely with them to raise efficiency in staffing and productivity. Apart from this, when employees with Specialist skills are required for specific projects, we recruit the best from the market and provide the right HR support to these specialists and help our customers retain them for the contract period.

Our full-service model handles the HR processes from an end-to-end basis to provide you the following be

  • Flexibility in workforce across various functions
  • Reduces your time and cost of selection
  • Faster mobilization and demobilzation of people
  • Eliminates expensive contractual procedures
  • Helps you comply with all statutory obligations

How does Al Sartaj Management Services deliver business value?

Reach and Scale to handle complex assignments: Our dedicated team of consultants operates across 50 locations in India, with over 60000 contract employees across 1200 locations, to handle complex assignments.

Excellent Execution: Our execution stems from over 50 years of expertise in recruitment, stringent quality management processes, power-packed technology systems and web tools that we use to provide high quality services.

Best in Payroll and Statutory Management: We have vast experience in statutory and benefits administration backed with a proven risk management processes.

Robust Legal Framework: Al Sartaj Management Services dedicated legal team and compliance officers assures adherence to all relevant labour laws and conformity with all applicable acts.

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